Welcome to Women & Relationships!

We teach women how to improve their communication skills and establish healthy balanced relationships. The course is offered in three individual learning formats on DVD, CD and as an Audio MP3 download. Corporate training is also available and can be customized for the needs of a group or company.

Welcome to Women & Relationships  

Reap the benefits of relating to others more effectively and powerfully in every function of your life—as a mother, spouse, partner, daughter, friend, manager, employee or entrepreneur.

You'll acquire valuable assertiveness techniques from our relationship skills course that you can begin to apply immediately!

Learn relationship skills that will allow you to:

  • assert yourself wherever you are…work, home, etc.
  • maintain your personal power when relating to others
  • stop letting others intimidate you
  • attract more respectful friends and mates
  • rid yourself of codependency in relationships once and for all
  • improve your leadership skills
  • show your confidence and competence in business

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“I grew in self-awareness and gained insights about relationships and healthy interaction with others."

- Therese, college educational assistant